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As highlighted in last month’s communication, NACO is now in a position to confirm that the transfer date for moving over to SATA/USDAW will be 1st May 2018.

Whilst we are working with our colleagues at SATA/USDAW about the transferring of members, it is hoped that all former NACO members will receive a “Welcome” pack together with new membership details around the beginning of May.

Members will see a difference in the way they contact the Union following 1st May as SATA/USDAW use a number of geographical Divisions throughout the country and all members will be allocated to one of these Divisions dependent on their home postcode.

From this, should members need to contact the Union following the transfer, the Divisional Office will be their first port of call.

However, certainly whilst the integration of the two Unions beds down, members will still be able to contact their former NACO Officials on the following numbers:

Bob Lister – 07795 522936

Jack Devers – 07879 403045


Again, as NACO receives more details about the transfer, we will keep you up to date with further communications.

In the meantime, if members wish to discuss this, or any other matter with the Association, please do not hesitate to contact a NACO Official at the Registered Office on 0161 351 7900 or via email at


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