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Anglia/Midlands Merger

Proposed Merger
Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and Midlands Co-operative Society
Announcements have been made as to the proposed transfer of engagements of Anglia Regional Co-operative Society to Midlands Co-operative Society to facilitate a merger of the two organisations. Such a transfer of engagements is subject to the agreement of the members of Anglia Regional Co-operative Society.
An initial meeting with the two Societies has taken place to begin consultation on the proposal that the two strong independent Co-operative Societies coming together will create a stronger Society that is better placed to be able to exploit a growth strategy.
This business case appears sound and NACO acknowledges that the proposed merger will ensure a strong co-operative presence in the Midlands and East Anglia and will facilitate opportunities for colleagues to enhance their career prospects in the enlarged Society. NACO welcomes and supports the proposed merger between Anglia Co-operative Society and Midlands Co-operative Society  
Both Societies are modern and progressive employers and their relationships with NACO enable change to be managed professionally and sympathetically. The merger between the two Societies will further add to the growing competitive strength and commercial performance of each operation NACO is therefore confident that the proposed merger, from a position of strength is in the long term interests and benefits of members and employees
NACO is seeking your feedback so that we can continue to represent the members’ views in the ongoing consultation process. This is an exciting time for many but there will be some colleagues who will have some concern over the proposed merger.
NACO will represent the membership to ensure that any issues are shared with the Societies to facilitate a fair and transparent process and we will continue to seek assurances on job security and terms & conditions of employment.
Please contact the NACO National Office to share your views, support or concerns about the proposed merger. NACO will provide updates as consultation progresses.