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Banking Group: Pay 2012

JTU Communication

Ballot Result – 2012 Pay Deal

 >> further details of the 2012 pay deal

The Joint Trades Unions have each balloted their respective memberships on the Co-operative Banking Group pay offer for 2012, and each group of members has chosen to accept the offer. 
The result of the ballots is broken down as follows:

  To Accept To Reject
NACO 81.50% 18.50%
Unite 75.35% 24.64%
BSU 80.43% 19.57%

The base pay increases will become effective from 1st April 2012, and will be implemented in the 24th May 2012 pay advice.  Many thanks to all members who voted.
The CFS Joint Trades Unions
10th May 2012

Neil Buist
NACO General Secretary
Nancy Greene
Unite Regional Officer
John Stoddard
BSU General Secretary
As part of the co-operative movement, and hence the wider labour movement, CBG strongly supports trade union membership. If you are not already a member of your trades union, then we strongly encourage you to join now.