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CBG: Life & Savings

CBG: Life & Savings
TUPE Transfer to Royal London

Further to our communication in October, NACO and Unite representatives met with Royal London (RL) again on Monday 21st November.

Good progress continues to be made on the TUPE consultation, and we are hoping to conclude work on the Terms and Conditions for transferring staff in the near future. 

Our approach to these meetings has been directed by the information provided in the recent NACO members' survey. However, due to delays in the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement with RL, it is unlikely that we will be able to share details on terms and conditions with members until early in the new year.

Future Location
The future location of staff transferring under TUPE is still an issue of great concern; despite pressing RL at every meeting we still don't have an answer.  RL are acutely aware of how serious this issue is, and the urgent need for clarity.

Based on discussions to date, It seems likely the location could be announced after the transfer of staff has been completed.  In such a circumstances RL would be obligated to consult with staff individually, at that point.

Contact NACO
Over the past few weeks we have met with many in-scope staff, and continue to be available for any issues you may have, either by phone, email or face to face. 

If you have any answered questions, or would like to discuss any aspect of the transfer to Royal London with a NACO Official, please do contact us.