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Co-op College: Maternity & Paternity Improvements & 2014 Pay Award

Co-operative College

2014 Pay Award &
Maternity/Paternity Benefit


Following a well attended meeting of the Co-operative College Constituency Association on Thursday 27th February, NACO and the CA would like to understand the view of all members at Co-operative College regarding two key areas for discussion - a 1% pay award for 2014, and proposed improvements to maternity and paternity pay.

Below you will find summary information on both areas for discussion, and a link for you to share your views via a web survey.

Please note: this is a web survey to guide the Constituency Association and not a ballot of members.

Pay Award
Using the College's Equitable Pay system the society is proposing a pay award of 1%.

Reviewing the financial situation of the College at this time, NACO regards an award of 1% to be a fair and affordable award. As a result NACO would recommend that members give full consideration to the proposal.

As in recent years the proposed pay-pot will be split: 70% as a one-off award divided equally between all colleagues, and 30% paid as a percentage increase for all staff.

NACO supports this Equitable Pay system as it will see lower paid members of staff receive awards upto 2.7% of salary, whilst closing the gap with highest earners who would see more modest awards of around 0.5% of salary.

Maternity and Paternity Benefit
Further to discussion at a previous meeting of the Constituency Association NACO General Secretary, Neil Buist, wrote to the Principle of the Co-operative College seeking an enhancement to the current maternity and paternity provision paid by the College.

In response the College have reviewed maternity/paternity arrangement available across the movement and have provided the following proposals which have board approval.

  • That Maternity Pay be increased from 90% of pay for first 6 weeks of maternity leave to;
    • first 8 weeks paid at 90% in 2014 (backdated to 01/01/14)
    • first 10 weeks paid at 90% in 2015
    • first 12 weeks paid at 90 % in 2016
  • That Paternity Pay be increased from 2 days at 90% of pay to;
    • 1 week at 90% of pay in 2014 (backdated to 01/01/14)
    • 2 weeks at 90% of pay in 2015

Your Views
To ensure your views are heard by NACO and the Co-operative College Constituency Association, please complete the brief web survey linked below:

To speak with a NACO Official on any issue, please contact the NACO National Office.