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Co-op Group Food HR Restructure

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Food HR Team

In November, a series of announcements were made throughout the regions and at the Group Headquarters in Manchester in relation to a review of the Food HR Operating Model.
The announcements followed a consultation exercise between business leaders and the HR Leadership Team to ascertain what services the operating teams required from HR. This in turn led to consultation with NACO on a set of proposals to seek to transform the HR team that would meet the strategic needs of the business and the required cost savings for the organisation.
The proposals included the following headline statements:

  • Some 61 colleagues at RB4 and RB5 roles were put at risk of redundancy – including 45 HR managers in Food Operations and 10 HR Officers in Supply Chain
  • 20 new roles created and 8 vacancies in the Target Operating Model – to be made available to those at risk
  • Consultation to be completed on 27th February 2012 and implementation of the new structure by 24th February 2012

NACO is to meet with the business shortly and review the outputs from the exercise and ascertain what opportunities are available to those who remain at risk.
We are now seeking your input to this ongoing consultation and would welcome your feedback, thoughts, concerns and proposals to factor into this exercise.
Please be assured that any feedback will be used on an anonymous basis.

NACO will distribute further updates following the consultation meetings. If you would like to discuss your individual circumstances with NACO, please contact the NACO National Office.


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