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Co-op Group: Membership & Social Goals Meeting

Membership & Social Goals

Members Meeting
Angel Square, 31st October

NACO has been approached by a number of members employed in the Membership & Social Goals team in relation to the recent announcement concerning the Target Operating Model (TOM).
NACO must confirm at this stage that whilst we are in consultation with the Co-operative Group on a number of TOM business cases – some of which have been now progressed to 1-2-1 consultation with members – we have not commenced consultation on the Membership & Social Goals TOM.
Our understanding is that this consultation is likely to take place in early 2015 and the recent communications from the Group confirms that the next phase of TOM will extend into Quarter 1 next year.

Meeting Details
Given concerns raised by members of the Membership & Social Goals team regarding their future, NACO is inviting all members to attend a forum on Friday 31st October to be held from 2.00pm to 3.00pm in the Boardroom at 1 Angel Square

Dial-in Details
For those members in regional roles and those who are unable to attend on the day should contact the NACO National Office to request dial in details.
This open forum will enable members to air their concerns and provide the NACO negotiating team with background to assist in the forthcoming consultation. We are also very pleased to confirm that we extend this invitation to any USDAW members in the team and the USDAW National Officer with the responsibility for the Co-operative Group, John Gorle, will be joining us at the meeting. Please forward this e mail to any USDAW member colleagues.

Anyone wishing to attend should click here to register their attendance.
Those wishing to obtain the dial-in details should contact the NACO National Office 
I look forward to seeing you on Friday 31st October at 2.00pm.
Neil Buist                                                                                           John Gorle
General Secretary                                                                            National Officer
NACO                                                                                                USDAW