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Co-op Group: Pay 2015

Annual Salary Review 2015
Progress Update

Members will be aware that NACO has been in negotiation with the Co-operative Group for some time regarding the 2015 Salary Review (ASR), having tabled a claim for a 3% flat-rate increase to be implemented at the review date of 28th March 2015.

The NACO negotiating team has been delayed in meeting with the business, and although this process has taken much longer than anticipated we are now in a position to communicate more fully with members.

A Rejected Offer
NACO last met formally with the Co-operative Group to discuss 2015 ASR on Wednesday 17th June. It was clear from this meeting that the Group was unable to meet NACO’s claim for a 3% increase.

After lengthy negotiation, the Group tabled a 2-year offer to NACO - similar to that made to USDAW members - the details of which are:

  • A 1.5% flat-rate uplift for 2015
  • A 2.0% uplift for 2016 subject to a variable pay matrix

Since the meeting of the 17th June NACO’s Co-operative Group Council have considered and formally rejected this offer.
The Context for Members
NACO is mindful of the Co-operative Group’s financial position, however, the Co-operative Group Council feels that the offer does not recognise members’ determined hard-work during the ‘Rescue’ phase, below-inflation pay awards in recent years, or the business’s current proposals to dramatically weaken the pension provision currently available to colleagues.

Given the uncertainty of UK, European and global economic factors the Co-operative Group Council is not confident in endorsing any 2-year deal at the level currently suggested by the business’s offer.
Consideration of a 1 Year Deal
With consideration to the hard work of members, previous below-inflation pay rises and the current pension proposals, the Co-operative Group Council will not recommend an offer from the business that does not reflect this.

Given the time taken to get to this position, NACO understands that members will be seeking a timely resolution to the 2015 Salary Review. We will now be seeking to secure the best possible 1-year pay deal for 2015, subject to a ballot of members.
Your Views
NACO is now seeking your views on an acceptable level of award for a 1-year pay deal for 2015. Please follow the link below and indicate the level of pay award acceptable to you for 2015, along with any comments you wish to make.


If you would like to speak with a NACO Official on any issue, please contact the NACO National Office.