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Co-op Group: Variable Pay 2013 Onwards

Variable pay was first introduced following two ballots of the NACO membership and was linked to the introduction of the performance bonus. In 2004, NACO members in Role Bands 1 and 2 voted in favour of introducing variable pay and bonuses. Members in Role Bands 3 and 4 voted to accept variable pay and bonuses in 2007.

Following the recent NACO newsletter regarding the Annual Salary Review (ASR) 2012 we have received feedback from many of our members which makes clear that there is still confusion about how variable pay works, whether it is the best way to distribute the annual pay-pot, and what alternatives could be available.

Review for 2013 Onwards
NACO's Co-operative Group Council has expressed concerns over the effectiveness of a performance based variable reward system in general, and in particular its appropriateness when utilising a limited pay pot.

As a consequence the Co-operative Group has confirmed that the business will work with NACO to undertake a full and detailed review of the variable pay system over the next few months.

Your Views
The first stage of our discussions with the business will commence with a meeting in Manchester on September 20th 2012.

In advance of this meeting, and further to feedback already received, we ask that all members complete a brief survey (linked below) to allow NACO to make appropriate representation to the business.

submit feedback

If you have a specific individual concern regarding variable pay or the ASR 2012 and would like to speak to a NACO official, please contact the NACO National Office.