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Co-op Legal Services: PI Redundancies

By now you will all have seen the communication from the business in relation to the PI Restructure, and will have noticed that the decision to make any consequent redundancies compulsory has been made.

NACO is very disappointed with this decision, as significant efforts were made by the Trade Unions to persuade CLS to seek volunteers to leave the business, as we believe that this is the fairest and most co-operative method to handle these very difficult circumstances.

However, members can be assured that NACO will be looking at each individual case to ensure that the business has fully complied with the selection criteria, and will robustly challenge any redundancy where it feels this may not be the case.

NACO will be present at the announcement to staff, scheduled to be early January, and will ensure that all members have as much support, guidance and advice through what will be a very anxious period.

For any information regarding the PI Restructure, please contact the NACO Office or Bob Lister on 0161 351 7900 or