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Co-operative Banking Group: IT & Change

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Co-operative Banking Group
IT & Change Restructure

Further to the IT & Change announcement, your Joint Trades Unions (JTU) wish to reassure members that we are aware of the difficulties engendered for staff by this announcement, and we share the same level of concern.
Rest assured that your trades unions always object to proposed staff reductions, robustly question the need for job losses including any change of work location, and are focused on finding ways to keep as many members in work as possible.
Whilst all messages about decreases in head count are difficult for those affected, the Joint Trades Unions wish to express their serious disappointment at the way the announcements in IT and Change were handled last week.  Such exercises are normally handled more sensitively, and the overall effect was that this felt rushed.

Clarity of Information
We have a number of concerns regarding the announcements including lack of clarity in terms of impact on individuals and lack of support materials. Whilst the Unity Portal and role profiles are now accessible, it is unfortunate that it took a week for them to be made available.  We were also unaware of additional meetings that were held the following day, leaving members unsupported.  We have voiced our very strong concerns on these issues.
The Joint Trades Unions absolutely understand, and share, the depth of feeling among staff about these announcements.  Understandably we have all been inundated with emails, phone calls and visits from worried members.  Robust representations have been made to the business and HR by all unions involved, and we have requested that the business take stock of the process to date, with a view to markedly improving the experience of this process for the staff affected, not least of which is the use of some words and phrases which were inappropriate to the situation such as ‘Role Delete’ for example. 
Your Views

We welcome input from our members regarding the content of these changes, and challenges to the business case.  Whilst the trades unions have been through the current business case in terms of legality, and existing agreements, we do not have the in depth knowledge of your areas and work to fully assess the validity of the business case.  Please let NACO know about any issues or concerns that you may have by submitting feedback using the button below

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The Joint Trades Unions have had further discussions with the business this week, and have forcefully voiced their concerns at length.  Some issues have been addressed already which we hope will be of benefit - the deadline for preferencing has been extended, Jim Slack has undertaken meetings with staff to listen to the feedback himself, and additional outplacement support has been provided.  Discussions are ongoing, and we appreciate that both the business area and Barry Tootell, Chief Executive, have openly acknowledged that there are points which need to be addressed and lessons to be learnt from this exercise. 

Should you wish to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the IT & Change Restructure, please contact the NACO National Office.