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Co-operative Group: Preference to Exit

Target Operating Model
Members will be aware that the Co-operative Group is now working towards a Target Operating Model (TOM). This programme is reviewing what the business needs to do to support a resized and reshaped business - focusing on ways of working, processes, decision making and the governance forum, and ultimately the structure to support this.


Preference to Exit (PTE)
The first phase of TOM is a targeted 'Preference to Exit' process. Meaning that colleagues in specific business areas can express a preference to leave the employment of the Co-operative Group with a redundancy settlement (read below for redundancy terms).

Given the potential scale of Target Operating Model, NACO is welcomes the opportunity for colleagues to express an interest in voluntary redundancy. We hope that this voluntary scheme will provide some job security for colleagues remaining in areas of the business that have been identified as requiring restructure.

> Business Areas In Scope
Colleagues in specific corporate functions: HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Membership, Social Goals and IT have been given the opportunity to express a voluntary Preference to Exit the business by way of redundancy. Where applicable, this will include colleagues who work in these functions but sit in the Business Units e.g. Finance or HR colleagues who support the Consumer Services businesses.

Eligible colleagues currently in functions supporting Food will join the Preference to Exit process within the next two weeks once final data analysis is complete.

> Business Areas Out of Scope
GI and CLS are also out of scope for the Preference to Exit process.

Selection Process

Expressions of interest will be considered by the business for all Preference to Exit requests and the decision whether to accept will be based on criteria shared with NACO and USDAW, including previous performance reviews and talent mapping.
Some teams and individuals will not be eligible to be part of the targeted Preference to Exit process. This should be communicated to all affected teams and individuals very shortly.
Redundancy Terms
Any redundancy arising through this voluntary scheme will be at contractual terms as previously agreed - Statutory Redundancy x 1.75A matrix showing these terms is available here on the NACO website.

Given the tight timescales, colleague will not be asked to work their contractual notice period but will receive Payment in Lieu of Notice (PILON) as part of their final pay.

Members should note that any enhanced terms agreed for individuals, including terms 'red-circled' from members that have transferred from the Co-operative Bank will not be considered as part of this voluntary exercise.

The Preference to Exit scheme will follow the key milestones below. Eligible colleagues currently in functions supporting Food will be subject to an alternative timeline to be communicated once final data analysis is complete. 

14th July            Deadline for Expressions of Interest
25th July            Preference to Exit confirmed for those selected for redundancy
31st July            Last date of employment for those selected for redundancy
7th August         Redundancy payments and final pay made to redundant colleagues


NACO Support
As always, NACO Officials are available to discuss individual circumstances with all members. Please contact the NACO National Office to speak with an Official.

In order to understand members reaction to this Preference to Exit scheme, NACO has opened a brief web survey for members' feedback. Please complete the survey linked below and help us represent your views.