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Co-operative Womens Challenge: Your Ideas

Co-operative Womens Challenge
Your Ideas

What is the Co-operative Womens Challenge?

The Co-operative Womens 2012 Challenge is a campaign which will seek to ensure women are fairly represented at all levels within The Co-operative Group and wider co-operative movement.
The challenge aims over the next 10 years to achieve fair representation in the democratic structure; have more women in senior management roles; and encourage women to campaign for gender equality across economic and social participation in order that womens' voices can be heard.

Your Ideas
The first Working Group of the Co-operative Womens Challenge will meet meet on the 24th April to discuss ideas and information to populate a new website for the Challenge.

NACO is well represented in the Womens Challenge and we would like to submit as many members' contributions as we can, big or small. NACO will be the only trade union representing members at the Working Group and, therefore, it is essential that we collect as much information as we can from around the co-operative movement.

Contributions will be fed into the Working Group and help to create content for the launch of the new website during Co-operatives Fortnight.

      The 5 idea themes are:
  • INFORM: Gathering data, information and facts
  • INSPIRE: Case studies and a celebration of women’s achievements
  • ENGAGE: Signposting networking opportunities throughout the regions
  • LEARN: Generating best practice ideas
  • SHARE: Sharing ideas, skills swaps, and good news
  • stories

To submit your contribution to the challenge, just click the link below:

Submit your contribution