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Co-ops UK: 2014 Pay Award and Maternity & Paternity Enhancement

Co-operatives UK

2014 Pay Award &
Maternity/Paternity Benefit


Following discussions with Co-operatives UK regarding funding and corresponding budgets for 2014, 2015 and 2016 NACO would like to understand the view of all members at Co-operatives UK regarding two key areas for discussion - the pay award for 2014, and proposed improvements to maternity and paternity pay.

Below you will find summary information on both areas for discussion, and a link for you to share your views via a web survey.

Please note: this is an indicative web survey to guide the trade union and not a formal ballot of members.

Pay Award
NACO understand that the Senior Management Team have made members and colleagues aware that, due to budget constraints, a pay freeze would be proposed for 2014.

Given the pressure on finances at Co-operatives UK, NACO is supportive of a pay freeze if such a measure will provide job security for members. As a result NACO would recommend that members give full consideration to the proposal.

Following discussions with the Senior Management Team, NACO is aware that budgets constructed for 2015 and 2016 do include provisions for pay awards.

Maternity and Paternity Benefit
In recent years NACO has successfully sought enhancements to maternity and paternity benefits across the movement. We are mindful that Co-operatives UK's arrangement had not been reviewed for some time and brought this to the attention of the SMT.

In response the organisation has reviewed maternity/paternity arrangement and provided the following proposals which have board approval.

  • That Maternity Pay be increased from 90% of pay for first 6 weeks of maternity leave to;
    • 2014: 6 weeks at full pay and 4 weeks at half pay.
    • 2015: 6 weeks at full pay and 8 weeks at half pay
    • 2016: 6 weeks at full pay and 12 weeks at half pay

In all years, the enhanced provision will be followed by the payment of Statutory Maternity Pay for the remainder of the first 39 weeks of leave.

  • That Paternity Pay be increased from 3 days at full pay to;

Your Views
To ensure your views are heard by NACO , a brief web survey was opened for all members at Co-operatives UK. This survey is now closed.