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Voluntary Adoption of 5 over 7

NACO would like to reiterate that the agreement reached with the business regarding adoption of the 5 over 7 working pattern is entirely voluntary.

It has come to our attention that, through the consultation process, pressure continues to be exerted on colleagues to adopt the 5 over 7 pattern.

NACO remains resolute in our position and will support all members in upholding the agreement reached between the business and the unions. This process is entirely voluntary and as such any colleague who does not wish to work 5 over 7 should not feel pressured into adopting the pattern.

NACO support during consultation
We have received an updated timetable from the business which suggests that those colleague who have not previously volunteered will be asked to attend a third and final consultation meeting.

We have discussed this with senior managers in the Group who have sought to assure us that the purposes of the third consultations are to reply to questions raised during the second consultation and to understand fully the concerns held by those who do not feel that they are in a position to volunteer.

NACO will support all members through this process. If you would like a NACO Official to represent you at the consultation meeting, please contact the NACO National Office once your individual consultation meeting has been scheduled.