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Customer Availability: Working Patterns Joint Statement

Customer Availability
Proposals to Amend Working Patterns
Since our last communication regarding the proposed changes to working patterns in Customer Availability, NACO and USDAW met again with the business and made good progress in negotiations. Below follows an agreed Joint Statement between NACO, USDAW and the Co-operative Group:

Joint Statement
Following the ongoing consultation between the business and USDAW/NACO in relation to the adoption of ‘5 over 7’ working practices in Customer Availability, agreement has been reached on the way forward. 

A one off compensatory payment will be made to all Customer Availability colleagues who voluntarily agree to the proposals for 5 over 7 working outlined at the initial individual consultations that took place between 14th – 25th January 2013.

The terms of the offer are outlined below:
One-off compensatory payment

  • A one-off non-pensionable payment of £1,200 (subject to tax & NI) will be made to any colleague who agrees to adopt ‘5 over 7’ working in line with the ratio’s outlined in the first individual consultation. 
  • All Customer Availability colleagues are eligible for the payment regardless of Role Band
  • The one-off payment will be  subject to taxation and NI contributions
  • This payment will be made following the adoption of the new arrangements on 22nd April 2013 and will be paid into your Bank Account on 16th May 2013

In addition, as outlined in the first individual consultations, all colleagues agreeing to adopt ‘5 over 7’ working will also be entitled to the following dependent on their individual Role Band / benefits:

Bank Holidays

  • RB5-8 colleagues scheduled to work on a Bank Holiday (in line with the ratios detailed at the first individual consultations) will be paid at double the daily rate for working on a Bank Holiday plus one extra day’s paid holiday (lieu day)
  • RB1-4 colleagues scheduled to work on a Bank Holiday (in line with the ratios detailed at the first individual consultations) will be paid in line with their normal daily rate plus one extra day’s paid holiday  (lieu day)
  • All colleagues scheduled to work on a Bank Holiday will be able to book their lieu day at any point within the same calendar year that the Bank holiday falls within, subject to agreement with their line manager
  • Colleagues not scheduled to work on a Bank Holiday will be given paid holiday for the Bank Holiday and will be scheduled to work on 4 other days that week (Sunday to Saturday) in line with existing arrangements.

Shift Allowance

  • All colleagues currently paid a recognised ‘shift allowance’ will have this consolidated into their base salary with effect from 22nd April 2013.

Additional points agreed with the trade unions
Within the original one to one meetings, reference was made to termination of employment where an agreement could not be reached.  Through our consultation with our recognised trade unions, we have agreed to remove that step from our process.  Instead, we have agreed that the appropriate way forwards is to seek volunteers, understand the reasons why some colleagues may be unable to accommodate the proposed changes, then review the way forwards through further consultation with the trade unions.
Next steps
Follow-up consultations will take place w/c 18th March with all Customer Availability colleagues to discuss this offer in detail and respond to questions raised about individual circumstances captured at the initial consultation.
Once the follow-up consultations are complete:

  • All colleagues accepting the offer will be issued with a confirmation of change letter which will serve to update their ‘terms & conditions’ of employment in respect of working hours.
  • The Customer Availability team Leadership  will meet with NACO and USDAW again to continue the consultation process and agree next steps

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this agreement with a NACO Official, please contact the NACO National Office.