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Food Operations: NACO Support

Further to announcements last week regarding the Food Operations restructure, NACO would like to again offer support to all affected members.

If you would like to speak with a NACO Official on any issue, please contact the NACO National Office.

Preference to Exit
During consultation on Food Operations, NACO and the business agreed to work together to seek volunteers and avoid compulsory redundancies where possible. It was agreed that the business would open a register for colleagues with a preference to exit the business and that NACO would work to support all affected members.

Any members considering submitting a preference to exit are reminded that the deadline for submissions is tomorrow, Friday 17th January. It should be noted that selecting a preference to exit does not guarantee that redundancy will be available to you.

Members are reminded that the current redundancy settlement available from the Co-operative Group is statutory redundancy pay X 1.75. See matrix here.