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Food Operations: Preference to Exit

NACO has commenced consultation with the business regarding the reshaping of Food Operations.

As a result of the financial concerns felt throughout the Trading Group, NACO has been made aware that some redundancies within Food Operations will be inevitable if the business is to move to its target operating model.

NACO is opposed to any program of compulsory redundancy and will always seek to find an alternative solution which allows colleagues wanting to exit the business to indicate this as a preference.

During consultation on Food Operations, NACO and the business agreed to work together to seek volunteers and avoid compulsory redundancy where possible. It was agreed that the business would open a register for colleagues with a preference to exit the business and that NACO would work to support all members looking to exit the business. It should be noted that selecting a preference to exit does not guarantee that redundancy will be available to you.

The current redundancy settlement available from the Co-operative Group is statutory pay X 1.75. See matrix here.

NACO and the business are in agreement that high performing colleagues should be retained in the business where possible. As a result these colleagues are precluded from any voluntary redundancy exercise and a preference to exit will not be possible. 

Members should also be aware that, if volunteers are not forthcoming in appropriate numbers in the necessary regions, compulsory redundancy will be the fallback position. In this scenario, the business have made it clear that any compulsory selection will be made on performance from 2012 onwards.

Any members that would like to consider a preference to exit based on their personal circumstances are asked to contact the NACO National Office.

If you would like to speak with a NACO Official on any issue, please contact the NACO National Office.