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Free Personal Attack Alarms for NACO Members

Personal Attack Alarms
Free to NACO Members

NACO is aware that there has been a small number of isolated incidents involving colleagues returning to vehicles in off-site car parks in Manchester, especially after dark.

The safety of members is of paramount concern to NACO. Whilst the vast majority of us will not encounter any problems, it pays to be aware of risks - for an overview of personal safety tips, we suggest taking a look at the Crimestoppers website

Get your free attack alarm
In response to the concerns of some NACO members, we have purchased a large number of personal attack alarms to be provided free of charge.

Any NACO member that would like an alarm should contact the NACO National Office, noting their full name, place of work, and a delivery address.

If you have any specific safety concerns, please contact NACO and ask to speak with an official.