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Funeralcare Grading Panel

Co-operative Funeralcare
Operational Management Grading Panel

Recognising that the scope of operational management roles within Funeralcare vary in size from one region / hub to another, NACO and Funeralcare agreed the implementation of the  Operational Management Grading System in 2008.
The Funeralcare Operational Management Grading Panel was also established in 2008. Made up of representatives from both Funeralcare and NACO, the panel meets annually to review applications from colleagues in operational management roles that wish to have their Funeralcare Management Grading reviewed.

The panel for 2013 will be George Tinning, David Collingwood, Sam Kershaw and Leo Turner, with Neil Buist and Phil Hoggarth representing NACO.

Making an application
Colleagues in operational management roles, or their line managers, are invited to make a submission to the panel if they feel that:

  • the management grading system is disadvantaging them in any way
  • their salary is not pitched fairly within the new grading system
  • their role has changed significantly since its grading

The application process allows for submission by a line manager on behalf of a colleague, or a self-submission. The endorsement of your line manager could be beneficial but is not a per-requisite.

The Grading Panel will meet on 11th April 2013; to make an application to the panel for consideration submit this form by Friday 1st March 2013.  Additional documentation can be submitted if you believe it will add to your application.

submit form

Once completed, the form can be submitted directly to the panel via Leo Turner (Employee Relations Manager), alternatively, NACO members can submit the application to NACO via the NACO National Office.
The review process
Once received, your application will be given careful consideration by the Grading Panel and a result will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity.
If you have any questions regarding the Funeralcare Operational Management Grading System or the review panel, you can contact Leo Turner by email or contact the NACO National Office