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General Secretary Election


The law requires that General Secretaries of registered Trade Unions such as NACO must be elected to office and, having been elected, must not continue in office for more than five years without re-election.
The current General Secretary, Neil Buist, was re-elected as General Secretary (Designate) on 10th November 2010. The Rules of NACO dictate that an election for the post of General Secretary shall take place every five years. Therefore I write on behalf of the NACO Executive to announce that the post of General Secretary of NACO is now open for nominations. 

I can confirm that Neil Buist intends to stand for re-election as General Secretary of NACO.
Anyone who is a Full, Individual Representation Only or a Unity member and whose contributions are not in arrears, and who has three years’ or more continuous membership of the Association is eligible to stand for election provided that their candidature is supported by not less than twenty (20) Full, Individual Representation Only or Unity members.
Nomination forms can be obtained now from NACO Registered Office by telephone on 0161 351 7900, or by email at
Nominations close on Monday 5th October 2015. Any subsequent election will be conducted by Electoral Reform Ballot Services in the form of a secret postal ballot.
The person elected will become General Secretary of NACO on 10th November 2015 and will hold office for a maximum term of five years when they will need to stand for re-election.
The NACO Executive has appointed me as Electoral Officer for this nomination/election process – so if you have any concerns please contact me direct at
Yours sincerely

Jack Devers