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Independent Societies (NODMA) Pay Review 2014 - 2.5% Award

The NACO negotiating team has held a series of meetings with the Co-operative Employers Association (CEA) Executive to debate the review of the National Officials & Departmental Managers Agreement (NODMA) for 2014.

A Real Terms Pay Award
NACO put forward a proposal that reflected a review of recent settlements reached between the CEA and NACO; the prevailing rate of inflation through the Retail Prices Index (RPI); forecasts for RPI in 2014; and the performance of member Societies of the CEA in recent years. We also demonstrated that over recent years we have seen a reduction in the salaries of the NACO population in real terms when reviewing pay awards and the rate of inflation.

NACO Claim
In presenting the claim for 2014 NACO was seeking to address ground lost in remuneration versus inflationary rises over the last few years for our members. We wanted to reach an agreement that would be seen by the membership as fair and reasonable, reflective of the performance of the Independent Societies in recent years and ultimately recognised the continued hard work, dedication and loyalty demonstrated by the NACO management population.

The position that has been reached following negotiation is for an increase of 2.5% effective from 1st July 2014. This offer matches both the prevailing rate of inflation as reported on 15th April 2014 and also the median of settlements for 2014 as detailed by Incomes Data Services (IDS) Pay Report May 2014. However, we do recognise that the offer is not intended to confirm that future awards will automatically follow either market settlements or RPI but those future awards will continue to be negotiated by the CEA Executive and NACO.

2.5% Award
Accepted by NACO Executive

In recognising the current economic challenges that face the Co-operative Movement, the NACO Executive recognises that the 2.5% offer is one that our members would see as a holding position to ensure that there is no further detriment to remuneration versus inflationary rises.

Members wishing to comment on the 2.5% offer agreed can contact the NACO National Office to speak with an official.