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Meet the Executive: Jas Sandhu

In this, the second in a series of 'Meet the Executive' newsletters, we highlight the role of the NACO Executive and introduce you to Jas Sandhu of Co-operative Supply Chain


Jas Sandhu
Co-operative Supply Chain Logistics

Jas Sandhu has been representing Supply Chain Logistics as a NACO Executive Member since 2008.

Within the co-operative movement Jas is Nightshift Process Manager at the Co-operative Group's Coventry National Distribution Centre, a role he undertook when the depot was opened in 2005.

Jas brings a wealth of knowledge to the NACO Executive and gives us a real insight into one of the most important functions of the Co-operative Food:

'Having worked within Supply Chain Logistics since 1998, I've has seen many changes within the organisation - from the old ACC distribution, through to today's more forward thinking logistics business'

Being able to voice the views of his fellow members at Executive meetings has enabled Jas to secure some great results for members in Supply Chain Logistics, which has inevitably lead to increased NACO membership at the Coventry NDC.

In Jas's words:
'It's simple - the more members NACO has, the stronger our voice is. With future Executive nominations from an increasingly diverse membership, we can acheive even more in workplaces througout the movement.'

If you work in Supply Chain Logistics and have questions or concerns that you'd like to address to Jas, you can contact him directly by email on Alternatively contact NACO and we'll put you in touch.

The NACO Executive
As a democratic organisation, NACO's Executive is elected from the NACO membership. The Executive consists of a maximum of 16 Members drawn from two classes: 'Co-operative Group Class' and 'All Others Class'.

The Executive has strategic control over the business of NACO, including budgetary control. As well as forming sub-committees on strategy and finance, the Executive act as trustees for NACO's Benevolent Fund which is a charity in it's own right. Read more