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Members' Voting Rights: Survey

NACO Voting Rights

Retired Members

Following NACO's 2012 AGM, the Executive is seeking the views of the membership on the issue of retired members' voting rights and activity within NACO.

Retired members are currently entitled to attend NACO meetings and can be fully involved in debate and discussion at those meetings. This includes the NACO AGM. However, the NACO Rule Book currently confirms that whilst retired members can attend NACO meetings, they are not entitled to vote at the meetings they attend and are active in.

At the 2012 NACO AGM, members considered a motion to allow retired members to continue to be able to be fully involved in NACO meetings, but that they should also be allowed to vote at Constituent Association meetings. The activity at NACO AGM would remain as was previously; that retired members could participate in the meeting but would not be entitled to vote.

Members at the AGM raised concerns about the time allowed for consultation on this issue and specific objections were raised about the time allowed for discussions on this matter at Constituency Associations. As a consequence the motion to amend the rules was not carried.

In reflecting on these concerns, the NACO Executive would like to consult with all members to better understand if this is area in which further discussion is required, or whether the motion should remain as lost.

To open this consultation we have created a short four question survey (linked below). Feedback to this survey is very important and will have a determining effect on the future role of NACO's retired members. Please take two minutes to complete the survey by clicking the link below.

Retired Members' Voting Rights: Take the survey.