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MidCounties Pay Award 2011

MidCounties Pay Award 2011
You will be aware from the email communication issued by NACO last month that we have had some grave concerns over the actions of the Midcounties Co-operative Society in relation to the NACO pay award for 2011.
The NACO pay award for 2011 was negotiated through the Co-operative Employers’ Association as we have done for many years.  The members of the Co-operative Employers’ Association agreed to the settlements negotiated with NACO to be implemented for all managers employed in independent societies who are members of the CEAMidcounties Co-operative being one of those.
However, for 2011 the Midcounties Co-operative’s Chief Executive, Ben Reid, undertook a ballot of the members employed by Midcounties Co-operative to seek their views on accepting a pay award that had been negotiated by another trade union – USDAW.
NACO believe that this is a fundamental breach of your terms and conditions of employment and also a potential breach of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 and we are therefore seeking legal advice on redress.
NACO is concerned at the future negotiation strategy for the Society and we would welcome your views on the actions that have been taken by Midcounties Co-operative Society in relation to the 2011 pay award.  Anonymous responses can be provided to NACO via the NACO website and we will use these responses as part of our ongoing consultation and negotiation with the Society over this issue.