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Midlands Co-operative: Society Cars

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Midlands Co-operative
Society Cars

NACO is currently in discussion with Midlands Co-operative Society as part of its review of the allocation of Society cars.

It is the policy of Midlands Co-operative Society to provide cars at Society expense to the following groups:
Essential car users– those colleagues allocated a Society car due to the job post requirement, who are employed for 30 hours per week or more and annually incur more than 8,000 business miles or require access to a car for at least 50% of working hours.
Non-essential car users– those colleagues who are employed for 30 hours per week or more, who are eligible to receive a car as part of their employment benefits due to the grade of their job post, rather than due to a business mileage requirement. Entitlement in relation to grading is specified in an individual’s terms and conditions. (In practice this is Grades A-B)
After an audit undertaken by Midlands Co-operative’s HR Department several colleagues have been identified as not meeting either of the above categories - in effect Grade C or below managers claiming significantly less than 8,000 business miles per year.
Whilst we agree that colleagues should be subject to the Society’s policies in order to maintain fairness throughout the Society, we believe that further consultation is required. As a result, NACO representatives are due to meet with Midlands Co-operative week commencing 23rd January to discuss the implementation of any proposed changes. The provisional date for this meeting is Thursday 26th January; should you wish to meet with a NACO representative and discuss your individual circumstances at this time, please contact us.
The outcome of our discussion with the Society will be communicated to members as soon as is practicable. Once again, if you have any individual concerns please contact the NACO National Office.


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