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NACO Elections 2012

> Do you have ideas you've been itching to put into practice?

> Can you bring a different perspective?

> Have you wanted to be more involved in the decisions NACO makes?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above you'll want to know about nominations to the NACO Executive and Co-operative Group Council.

Both NACO Executive and the Co-operative Group Council are seeking nominations for 2012/13 with seats in all classes to be contested. As NACO is a democratic organisation, this is your chance to join the centre of the debate, make decisions which bring real benefit to your colleagues, and learn new skills along the way.

NACO Executive
Eight of the 16 seats on the NACO Executive will be contested in 2012:

  • 5 seats for members employed by the Group (Co-operative Group Class)
  • 3 for those employed by other co-operative societies (All Others Class)

The Executive has strategic control over the business of NACO, including budgetary control. Collectively the Executive take reports from NACO officials and form strategy to focus the activities of NACO. Election to the Executive gives you real involvement in the decision-making process.

As well as forming sub-committees, including Finance and General Purposes Committee, the Executive act as trustees for NACO's Benevolent Fund which is a charity in its own right, providing financial support to NACO members in hardship.

Co-operative Group Council

If you work for the Co-operative Group and want to protect and enhance the terms & conditions negotiated by NACO over the years, the Co-operative Group Council is the place to do it.

This committee meets four times a year and appoints a negotiating team from its number to pursue claims with the employer - election to the Co-operative Group Council could make a big difference for you and your colleagues.

Learn more: Roles & Responsibilities
Both the NACO Executive and Co-operative Group Council meet four times per year. Briefing papers are distributed before each meeting and will take a couple of hours to read through.

If you decide to take on additional duties and responsibilities such as the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Executive, or the Co-operative Group Council's negotiating team, you will add a couple more meetings per year, with additional briefing papers for most meetings.

If you're interested in finding out more about standing for the NACO Executive or Co-operative Group Council, contact the NACO National Office or a member of the current Executive for an informal chat.