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NACO Executive 2012/13

NACO Executive
2012/13 Confirmed Nominations

A message from Jack...
Jack Devers, NACO President 2012/13

"I'm very pleased to welcome new members to the NACO Executive (details below). Together, we will ensure our members' interests are well represented and that all members are provided with the support they deserve.

Over the past year, the NACO Executive has led the union through negotiations to improve terms and conditions and pay. We've fought to save jobs which were at risk of redundancy; and secured very good terms for members that have been affected. These are things to be proud of.

As NACO President 2012/13 I will ensure the Executive works to get the very best deal for our members. If you would like to be involved, there remains a casual vacancy on the NACO Executive (see left) - If you think you could fill the vacancy, please contact the NACO National Office today."

Jack Devers, NACO President 2012/13

The NACO Executive
The NACO Executive has strategic control over the business of NACO, including budgetary control. As well as forming sub-committees on strategy and finance, the Executive act as trustees for NACO's Benevolent Fund which is a charity in it's own right. Read more

As a democratic organisation, NACO's Executive is elected from the NACO membership. The Executive consists of a maximum of 16 Members drawn from two classes: 'Co-operative Group Class' and 'All Others Class'.

Ten members of the 2011/12 NACO Executive remain in office. further details

2012/13 Confirmed Nominations
Nominations for NACO Executive 2012/13 went uncontested, therefore, the following colleagues have been confirmed as members of the 2012/13 NACO Executive:

Co-operative Group Class
Vanessa Baker, Co-operative Legal Services

Sharon Weir, the Co-operative Group


All Others Class
Gareth Wood, the Phone Co-op

Ceri Smith, the Co-operative College

Phil Holmes, Co-operatives UK