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National Agreement Review 2011 (Independent Societies)

National Agreement Review 2011

Affected NACO members will recall being contacted via email on 20th June this year to advise on the progress of the negotiations for the review of the National Agreement for 2011. This communication provided great detail on the elements of the claim and the supporting evidence and arguments presented by the NACO negotiating team to support the proposals.

As part of the negotiation process for 2011 a NACO negotiating team has met with the Executive of the Co-operative Employers Association (CEA) to debate the elements of the claim and NACO has also written directly to CEA member Societies to provide detailed support of the review process.

 This process culminated in a meeting with the CEA Executive on Monday 25th July to confirm the outcome of the negotiating process which resulted in a final offer from the CEA as follows:


  • A model Flexible Working Policy has been agreed and the CEA Executive has recommended that member societies should adopt this as a best practice minimum standard *
  • A review of the gender pay gap in managerial roles will be undertaken by the year end and data shared with NACO to develop joint recommendations
  • A pay award of 3.0% to be applied to all salaries in scope to the National Officials and Departmental Managers Agreement (NODMA) effective 1st July 2011


In preparing this communication NACO recognises that the current economic situation is very difficult for members and their families and as RPI currently stands at 5.0% (June 2011) the offer reflects a below inflation rise.

However, NACO believes that this represents the best settlement that we can achieve for the 2011 review and does reflect well when reviewing market data analysis. Currently the average of managerial pay reviews stands at 2.6% as reported by the Incomes Data Services (IDS) in their June review. It is also worthy of note that recent settlements in the retail sector include Tesco (2.5%) and Waitrose (2.0% plus 0.5% merit), both significantly below the offer.

NACO is balloting members on this proposal - shortly you will receive a copy of this communication and a ballot paper by post. Please indicate your acceptance or rejection of the proposal and return the ballot paper to NACO in the pre-paid envelope provided. If the proposal is accepted, the increases to base pay will be back dated and applied effective 1st July 2011.

Please note that the closing date to ensure that your vote counts is noon on Friday 19th August 2011 to allow for annual leave commitments of the membership.

Should you require any further information or clarification on this matter please do not hesitate to contact me at the NACO office on the number below or via e mail on


Neil Buist

NACO General Secretary

Wednesday 27th July 2011





* please note that the model Flexible Working Policy will be available to view on the NACO website by Friday 29th August at