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NODMA Management Agreement: Pay 2012

NODMA Management Agreement
Pay 2012

NACO has been involved in a series of detailed negotiation meetings with the Co-operative Employers Association (CEA) in relation to the 2012 National Officials & Departmental Managers Agreement (NODMA) pay review.

Throughout the process the NACO negotiating team has sought to achieve the best result possible for the members in scope to the Agreement and to seek imaginative ways to implement the award and enhancements to overall terms and condition of employment. A final position was reached with the CEA tabling a formal offer for a 2.5% pay pot and the introduction of a flexible holiday policy across all member Societies.

NACO Position
NACO believes that the negotiating team has secured the best offer available from the Societies at this time and that the offer compares favourably with settlements that have been reached for management grade personnel in the private sector in the first quarter of 2012.

Feedback and commentary received over recent weeks from NACO members has been reviewed by the General Secretary and members of the NACO Executive. There is a clear appetite from members to resolve pay issues quickly and concentrate efforts on securing long-term job security for all members.  It must also be noted that the Office for National Statistics has recently announced shrinking output for the second quarter running, officially putting the UK economy in a 'double-dip' recession.

NACO recognises that the current economic climate has contributed to the difficult and challenging times that face NACO members and their families. With inflation around 2% lower than 2011 (RPI - 3.6% ONS, March 2012), we believe the offer is the best deal we can secure at this time.

As a consequence, and in order to secure implementation in the July pay round,  NACO has agreed to accept the offer understanding that a 2.5% pay pot is likely to be at the higher end of retail pay deals for 2012.

A 2.5% Pay pot

  • An increase on all rates of pay of 2.5% with effect from 1 July 2012.
  • A flexible holiday agreement as detailed below.
  • Further engagement will take place during 2012 on gender pay in Co-operative Managerial
  • roles.

Flexible Holiday Agreement
CEA and NACO will produce agreed guidelines, to be incorporated into the Managerial Agreement, to provide to employees with five or more year’s service the right to bank up to a week per annum of leave, subject to a maximum of three weeks.  The leave could then be accessed at some point during employment, or could be paid (i.e. paid in lieu) on termination of employment.  We will reserve to Societies the option to offer local arrangements for holiday banking (e.g. where these are already in place) or to introduce flexible holiday arrangements (buying or selling holiday leave through salary sacrifice or increase).
Your Views
NACO is very keen to ensure we are properly representing the view of membership. Please click the button below if you have any comments regarding this agreement.

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