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Project Orion: Protect Your Colleagues

Project Orion
Protect Your Colleagues


Unity is strength. With this message the trade union movement was founded on the basis of solidarity. There is strength in numbers, and in times of difficulty, trade union membership is vital.
We have witnessed unprecedented and troubling events in the co-operative movement over the last few months and the Co-operative Group and the Co-operative Bank have been at the centre of that.

The future looks very unsettling and never has it been more important for your colleagues to join NACO – the co-operative trade union.

Project Orion
 It was announced on Monday that the Co-operative Group intends to make savings of £100m by December 2014 and an aspiration to have saved £500m by the end of 2017 through a massive programme of change and a series of substantial cost cutting measures through Project Orion.
Whilst there has been no number placed on the potential job losses, it is not unreasonable to assume that such savings cannot be achieved without a downsizing of the business.
Whilst NACO understands the need for radical measures at present to address the financial problems that the Group is facing, we remain firm in our stance that any reductions should be managed through consultation with NACO so we can fulfil our main objective to try and retain as many jobs as we possibly can, and to ensure that decent severance terms are on offer to all those who leave the business as a result. 
Support for NACO Members
 NACO has a long and distinguished history of supporting members through difficult reorganisation programmes. We remain committed to represent our members and we must stand united to support the co-operative movement.
NACO is well aware that many of your colleagues enjoy the benefits of NACO’s collective bargaining – annual salary rises, improvements to terms & conditions, redundancy consultation – without joining the union. NACO needs those colleagues now more than ever to provide strength through numbers – and they need us to support them through the uncharted waters ahead.

Today we are calling on all members
Please speak to your colleagues and call on them to join NACO the co-operative trade union. The greater our numbers, the stronger our voice and the greater the impact when we consult with the business in the months and years ahead on Project Orion.

All members are assured that NACO is there to support them at all stages of the forthcoming change programme and we will do all we can to protect jobs and terms & conditions of employment and provide a professional individual representational service; unity is strength.

Further communication
More details regarding Project Orion and any further changes brought about by the present financial situation will be communicated as soon as possible.

To speak with a NACO Official on any issue, please contact the NACO National Office