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Special General Meeting (SGM) 12th December 2017



Special General Meeting (SGM) 12th December 2017

As members will have seen from our last communication, following advice received from the Certification Officer (CO), it was deemed appropriate for the NACO membership to adopt changes to the Rules of the NACO Benevolent Fund prior to any formal approval being given by the CO.
Consequently, a Special General Meeting (SGM) was necessary to agree these changes, and NACO is happy to confirm to all members that this took place on Tuesday, 12th December at the Co-op Group’s Distribution Centre at Castlewood, and all the relevant amendments were carried unanimously.
This now means that the NACO legal advisors can amend the Instrument of Transfer document (required to enable approval from the CO to be granted) and, if this is agreed by all parties, then the process to allow a ballot of members can be brought to a conclusion.
Again, as suggested previously, NACO will be looking to issue ballot forms next month, where members will decide the future of the Union.

The NACO Executive recommends a vote in favour of transfer to SATA/USDAW.

Can we take the opportunity to remind members to ensure that NACO has all up-to-date home addresses on our database in preparation for ballot papers being sent out by the Independent Scrutineer in due course.


Further regular updates will be sent to members, and also via the website. The NACO Head Office can be contacted on 0161 351 7900 or via

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