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Subscription Rates Change, Jan 2016

New Subscription Rates
as of 1 January 2016


Dear Colleague,

At the NACO Annual General Meeting 2015, a motion was put forward to raise the subscription rates for membership from 1 January 2016, to reflect inflationary increases. The motion was carried unanimously.

Full Membership subscriptions will increase from £224.64 to £227.76 per annum (£18.98 monthly, or £17.52 4-weekly from 1st January 2016).

Unity, Individual Representation, Part-Time and Contract Membership rates will increase from £149.76 to £151.84 per annum (£12.65 monthly, or £11.68 4-weekly from 1st January 2016).

This email is for notification only - you do not need to make any changes to your payment method as payroll or Direct Debit payments will automatically change to the correct amount.