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Travel JV: Collective Consultation

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Travel Joint Venture: Collective Consultation

NACO have been meeting regularly with senior management representatives since the announcement of the Joint Venture in October 2011.
We would now like to provide an overview of the Collective Consultation:

Conclusion of Consultations
For those of you who are employed in the Travel business Head Office locations in Lichfield, Ilkeston, Manchester and Burslem, the 90-day consultation concludes week ending 21st January 2012.

We have been working closely with the Joint Venture to look for opportunities for redeployment and I know that for some of you, opportunities may be available in Altrincham, Accrington and in the new Head Office location in Peterborough, if suitable. However, many of you will be leaving the business by way of redundancy over the coming weeks and support will be available for those looking for alternative employment.
The collective consultation process continues for those of you that are employed within Barrow and the Retail store network, where consultation concludes during the month of March.

During the consultation process a number of proposals have been submitted and approved by NACO, including;

  • Relocation Policy

  • Organisational Structures – proposed structures have been submitted and approved for many Head Office functions and Call Centre sites

Redundancy Terms
A main area of consultation with the senior management team, has been relating to Redundancy Terms. We know that there have been many questions asked about Unity terms for those who were employed by The Co-operative Group. Unfortunately, the Society's decision has not changed. Therefore, the redundancy terms available for all impacted colleagues will be the respective terms for the business in which you currently work. Therefore, those colleagues employed within Travel in the former Midlands Society will receive those terms and those that work for The Co-operative Travel will receive the Co-operative Group standard terms. In both cases, the redundancy terms offered are enhanced and significantly more favourable than Statutory Redundancy Terms.

Collective Consultation continues around selection proposals for Store vacancies and this will shortly be communicated.

Finally, over the next few days you will be receiving a communication regarding changes to the Payroll Cycle, as you may be aware Thomas Cook payroll is based on calendar month and this will take effect from April 2012. Colleagues will be receiving a letter detailing these changes and arrangements for the transition period.

In closing, we know that this is a particularly challenging time for all of you affected by the proposed changes, and we are working closely with the senior management and HR teams to help and support you through this difficult period.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Buist
General Secretary - NACO                                        

Rachael Prior
HR Director - TCCT

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