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Thomas Cook Redundancies
NACO Members' Update

You will no doubt be aware of the announcement made in early March by Thomas Cook regarding the proposed redundancies and restructuring of benefits, as part of their plans for the recovery of the business.
This continues to be a worrying time for NACO members working in the Joint Venture and, although the challenges faced by the business have been well known for some time, the scale of these proposals have been more drastic than expected.

NACO has been working to identify possible alternatives to the proposed redundancies and, where job losses prove to be unavoidable, we will be seeking to ensure that the business provides meaningful support for those affected.
Changes to Terms and Conditions
The business is proposing to make a number of changes to your benefits package, primarily to reduce your entitlement to redundancy pay, sick pay and maternity pay . NACO, along with our trade union colleagues, have sought legal advice on the contractual implications of these changes for our members.
We have made our position absolutely clear to the business. NACO will defend the interests of members and their terms and conditions.  We have made forceful representations to the business to rescind the proposals immediately and, should the company refuse to do so, we will use every means possible to defend NACO members' rights.
We would like to reassure all members that the proposed reduction in redundancy pay will not affect anyone made redundant during the current restructuring process.  Enhanced redundancy terms are an important safeguard for all of our members and NACO will consider carefully the implications of any future proposals put forward by the business.
You will also be aware that the business announced a pay freeze for this year.  NACO understands that this will put further pressure on family budgets, however, considering the potential impact of job losses for many colleagues, our focus is to safeguard as many colleagues as possible during such turbulent times.
Accrington Contact Centre & Store Closures
NACO will continue to consult with the business regarding the proposed closure of the Accrington Contact Centre and the 194 stores UK-wide in an attempt to mitigate potential job losses.
We are committed to working with the business to ensure that, where possible, alternative employment is found for NACO members wishing to remain in employment. Some job losses are unavoidable and for those colleagues NACO will reinforce the onus on the business to provide meaningful support.
Cluster Managers
Thomas Cook are proposing to remove the role of Store Manager in all core stores size 1 to 3 and implement a structure to have an Assistant Manager in each store with Cluster Managers covering between two and six stores each.
There is a lack of clarity about the company's proposals in this area. As a recognised trade union, NACO needs to fully understand the company's proposals for the role of Cluster Manager (job description, terms and conditions, remuneration package) to ensure that the additional duties and responsibilities are fully recognised by the business.
We are also concerned that the removal of store managers from these stores may potentially result in a reduction of knowledge and experience in stores.  Furthermore, the reduction in headcount will place an unreasonable demand on those staff remaining in stores.  On this basis we believe the company should seriously reconsider its position in regard to this particular issue.

If you would like to speak with a NACO Official on any matter, please contact the NACO National Office.