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Travel JV: Redundancy Consultation

Travel Joint Venture
Redundancy Consultation

You will all be aware that, on Wednesday 19th October, a series of meetings took place at Co-operative Travel locations around the country, including sites in Manchester and Burslem. The business announced a minimum consultation period of 90 days during which proposals to relocate jobs and, potentially cease the services of some areas of the business, will be considered.

The business made staff aware that the majority of functions supporting the Joint Venture will operate out of existing Thomas Cook sites, most likely Peterborough, by mid 2012.

NACO will continue to meet and consult with the Co-operative Group, Midlands Co-operative and Thomas Cook to discuss the JV's future plans and ensure that members' jobs are protected where possible.

NACO has been in consultation with the businesses since the Joint Venture was first proposed, and our commitment to members remains as strong now.

We know that uncertainty around the JV is difficult for members, and a cause for concern.  Please rest assured then as soon as any new information is available for us to share with you, we will communicate this to all members.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact the NACO National Office for advice should you need it.