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Year-End Calibration & Performance Improvement (PIP/IPAP)

Year-End Performance Reviews
Members should be aware that, following Year-End Performance Reviews, a process of 'calibration' is scheduled to ensure consistency, fairness and accuracy in the application of performance ratings.

Whilst NACO welcomes consistency across performance ratings, a number of members have raised concerns about the imposition of a distribution curve (shown below) which must be followed for peer groups of 30 colleagues or more.

Advice has been given by the business that a 'sensible' distribution should apply and that there is flexibility for managers not to be required to force-up and force-down colleagues in order to meet the curve exactly.

Appeals - NACO Support
Nonetheless, with a forced distribution curve there is potential for colleagues to be issued with a performance rating that does not correspond to work undertaken and objectives achieved.

Members should be aware that calibrated performance ratings are very likely to be used as a determining factor for selection for redundancy in all upcoming TOM restructures.

Any members that feel their outcome is not representative of their performance should contact NACO and consider appealing the decision. This can be done informally with your line manager by seeking further information on how the rating was arrived at, or by submitting a formal grievance with NACO support.

Performance Improvement: PIP/IPAP
NACO has seen a marked increase in the number of members placed on performance improvement plans and seeking support from the union. These improvement plans are referred to as PIPs, IPAPs, Action Plans and/or Improvement Plans.

The Co-operative Group's Improving Performance policy details the procedure for managing performance. Members should note that any improvement plan must start informally and you must be given reasonable time to improve you performance before any further action is taken. NACO Officials can help you manage this process and can represent you at meetings with your line manager and HR - contact the NACO National Office for assistance.

Improvement Plans - Impact on TOM Selection Process
Members should be aware that if you are being managed by a PIP (even an informal PIP) this is very likely to be used as a determining factor for selection for redundancy in all upcoming TOM restructures. Similarly, you are asked to disclose whether you are being managed by an improvement plan if you apply for any internal vacancy.

If you would like to speak with a NACO Official regarding this, or any other workplace issue, please contact the NACO National Office